Love or Violence from Tamarahco Hen Productions on Vimeo.

According to the presenter, one in six Japanese women experiences domestic violence.

Key words-phrases: domestic violence (DV), Endo Tomoko, DV Mondai Kenkyuu Kai, Japan.

Wives' Achievement and Position from Tamarahco Hen Productions on Vimeo.

The presenter looks at 'naijo no ko' ('inside support position'; in modern parlance, 'the housewife'), past and present, and asks: 1. Is 'naijo no ko' women's happiness? and 2. Are women societally weaker than men?

Key words-phrases: 'naijo no ko', housework, sports team "manager", Sengoku era, Yamauchi Kazutoyo, Chiyo, The Too-Good Wife by Amy Borovoy, mutuality.

Change the World from Tamarahco Hen Productions on Vimeo.

The idea that men can somehow "buy women" -- in other words, that women (but not men) are, in a very real sense, merchandise -- is oddly comprehensible to many. The presenters, two men, take a critical look at this phenomenon, past and present.

Key words/phrases: 'urenokori' (unsold goods), marriage, 'hanayome shugyu' (bridal training), Hatarakiman, Moyoko Anno

What is Marriage for? from Tamarahco Hen Productions on Vimeo.

Perplexed by a perceived increase in 'konkatsu' or "marriage hunting activities," the presenter looks to government strategizing for answers.

Key words/phrases: 'kekkon katsudo' or 'konkatsu' (marriage hunting), 'makeinu' (derogatory word for professionally successful unmarried woman), 'jinko seisaku' (population policy),'kekkon sodanjo' (public matrimony agencies), 'omiai' (arranged marriage), 'josanshi' (midwife), 'kazoku teate' (family allowance), contraception, abortion, declining birthrate, mind control, indoctrination.

Destruction as Creation from Tamarahco Hen Productions on Vimeo.

One young man's take on the declining birthrate in Japan.

Key words/phrases: 'yome ni iku', ie system, 'hanayome shugyo' (bridal training), 'kaji tetsudai' (housework as bridal training), 'setai nushi' (head of household), housework, marriage, partnership.