Introducing Beate Sirota Gordon! from Tamarahco Hen Productions on Vimeo.

The presenter is eager to introduce Beate Sirota Gordon, author of Article 24 of the Japanese Constitution, to her peers. Tamarah is eager to know how it's possible that an entire class of second-year Japanese university students have never before heard of one of the most influential women of the millennium.

Key words-phrases: suffrage, gender pay gap, feminism, Japan's prewar Civil Code, the Japanese Constitution (Nihon Koku Kenpo), Article 24, Beate Sirota Gordon, textbook politics, role model.

About the immeasurable cultural contributions made by Buraku people.

Key words: Burakumin, shamisen, taiko, kegare (impurity/dirtiness/polluting influence), craftsmen, invisibility.

The presenter talks about her 85 year old grandfather who now works in an orange field in Hiroshima, but during WWII was forced by the government to produce poison gas on Okunoshima (also known as Okuno-jima).

Key words: Okunoshima/Okuno-jima, poison gas, biological-chemical warfare, 1925 Geneva Protocol, rabbits.

"Everyone," begins the presenter, "knows that atomic bombs were dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki," but what do people know about the Akashi Air-Raids?

Key words: Akashi, Kawasaki Aircraft Akashi Factory, dugouts, 'gakutodouin' (student factory workers), "Student Workers: Oka 7001 Factory"

About the disappearance of the presenter's grandfather's historically significant hometown.

Key words: Besshiyama Village, Bessiyama Coppermine, Nihama City, local history, historical memory