Women and Men from Tamarahco Hen Productions on Vimeo.

What exactly is housework and why is a clear and accurate definition of it of global importance? Watch and find out.

Key Words-Phrases: housework, childcare leave, work, Global Gender Gap Index 2008, World Economic Forum

Elephanda from Tamarahco Hen Productions on Vimeo.

The presenter draws a parallel between elephants disguised as pandas and women disguised as... 'women'.

Key words-Phrases: Thai elephants, Golden Ratio, media, makeup, internalized oppression.

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"A Doll Wannabe"

The presentation was so interesting. I was absolutely absorbed. For starters, the title is impactful and easy to remember.

The opening of the presentation was impressive because of the shocking pictures. I was one of the people who thought Elephanda is a real animal. As an introduction to her presentation, she told us a real matter. Then, she went on to her main point. I think this order is very clever because I was curious about how she going to proceed. The closing was thought provoking and I began to think whether make-up is really important for women though until now I considered it “natural.”

The presentation used a lot of pictures as visual support. She supported her argument with images so I was not bored at all. Also she highlighted important words so I could understand what she really wanted to tell us.

She used body language naturally but not so many. Mainly she relied on her visuals. She used eye contact and looked at her audience throughout and these made a good atmosphere in the room.

She included a lot of information. With some examples like The Golden Ratio, I felt the media makes some burden for women that “you should be like this.” She gave us materials to reconsider that we are also easily influenced by these media.

She applied make-up as the magazine actually and recommended it was the best example that women look the same when we wear make-up. She is Asian but looked like a white American celebrity. From her picture, I realized make-up can make us marvelous but not unique. Then, I remembered my mother’s words “every girls look like same in these days.”

After watching the presentation, my idea of make-up had changed a little, but I don’t think make-up is totally bad. Make-up can make us a little happy because we can customize ideal faces. But if we wear make-up excessively, we might lose our identity. So, when we make-up, we should be moderate so as not to lose ourselves.

Hatanaka, Yoshiko (Dept. of Intl. Studies, 1st year)

Now, see "Doll Face": youtube.com/watch?v=zl6hNj1uOkY

Stereotypes about Women's Figures from Tamarahco Hen Productions on Vimeo.

According to a recent study, since the arrival of TV in 1995, the island nation of Fiji has been struck by an outbreak of eating disorders. The presenter argues that the study has implications for Japanese girls and women.

Key words-Phrases: Fiji, beauty standards, secondary sexual characteristics, dieting, eating disorders, exercise, female physical pleasure.

One Doshisha Women's College student's response:

"Break Stereotypes!"

What ideal do you have regarding your body shape? According to the video, Japanese adolescent girls tend to obsess over their body shape and they hope to become slimmer because they are influenced by media such as TV actresses and magazine models. How about boys? Boys seem not as obsessed with their figures as girls.

In high school, my male friend said to me “You should slim down.” What he said hurt me even as a joke. I knew I was on the chubby side. But I practiced soft tennis hard and exercised so much every day. What else did he suggest I do? I felt frustrated because I thought I was of standard proportion. I decided to start dieting. I depended on a diet medicine and also skipped meals. I had no other choice because I wanted to slim down as soon as possible. I knew these practices were unhealthy, but I really wanted to revenge him. After a month, I lost eight kg. At first, I was really happy but gradually I felt anger because I felt the urge to eat. And the most shocking thing was that no friends recognized that I had lost my weight. As a result, I could not control myself to eat and gain back the weight. I recognized then that dieting which is an unhealthy way to lose weight and it does not make me happy. Since then, I have always valued my characteristics. In my case, I had been called “Ayupanman” not “Anpanman” which is an animated character and a little bit chubby because I had kept chubby during high school. I was glad to be called so because I was the only person with this nickname. At that time, I felt strong individuality.

In conclusion, girls need to think about their individuality before anything else and have confidence in themselves. Now I do not have an ideal body shape. I just live healthy. Nowadays many boys and men seem to be strongly influenced by TV and think women have to be slim. It makes no sense. I mean, boys and men do not have the right to dictate girls’ body type. I want to speak up to all women. “Do not pay boys any mind.” Let’s break stereotypes and find our own individuality.

Takeuchi Ayumi, 2011

Hamburger from Tamarahco Hen Productions on Vimeo.

The presenter takes a fresh look at the old burger and asks, what exactly are we buying?

Key words/phrases: McDonalds, McHottie, McCruelty, advertising, fastfood.

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