Hair Dye: Poison from Tamarahco Hen Productions on Vimeo.

Below is a response by a first-year student to her second-year sempai's presentation, turned into an exercise by Teacher-Tamarah: DANGEROUS FASHION By Kana [family name withheld upon request], July 18, 2001

Have you ever experienced dyeing or perming your hair? The sophomore presentation “Hair Dye” showed that hair dye is related to diseases such as bladder cancer. My hair is not only dyed but also permed now, so I am wondering how dangerous a perm is. I’ll introduce some eye-opening facts I found (1.) on/by/through my own. First of all, the process of a perm is roughly two steps; breaking and reforming cells in the hair. The perm solution includes terrible chemicals, which are similar to chemicals in weed-killer and defoliant, to destroy the inside of the hair. They are one-eight hundredth as poisonous as a weed-killer and six times as toxic as a pesticide. Compared to the hair dye which is one-three thousandth as poisonous as a weed-killer, the perm solution is by far (2.) less/more dangerous. Undoubtedly, it has serious effects on the human body. Have you ever heard of the Vietnam War? During that time, a lot of defoliants were used as a weapon. They seriously affected unborn children in woman’s bodies, and the number of the children born with deformed body parts grew rapidly after the war. The horrible thing is that the perm solution has similar chemicals to these, defoliants. However, a lot of people use it in (3.) daily/dairy life. As the presenter said, nothing is more terrible than (4.) ignorance/ignorant. Although the effects of a perm are more serious than people think, most people remain unaware. If this goes on, you, your future children and/or your precious person may be a victim. We need to actively collect every types of information. We can (5.) a_ _ _ _ tragedy with a change in thinking.

Key words/phrases: Para-phenylenediamine (PPD), Henna, Bladder Cancer Cafe, carcinogen, PPD-induced anaphylactic shock, cancer, atopic dermatitis, allergy
one of my friends, a textile artist, two decades back, did her graduation show about the interior of a hair salon and it was very malign! prongs and toxins and clips and a barber's chair that looked terrifying. of course it was as visually attractive/repulsive as hair often is when you start to think about it too much. a great beautifully disturbing cruelly chic and spidery obsessive installation though. (hair clips looks amazing when they are woven together.)
personally i could never perm or dye my hair, rather like driving a car, it is something i know i will never do in this life!
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very nice presentation - well done to your student!
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