About the presenter's grandmother who, against all odds, realized her lifelong dream to open her own school.

Key words-phrases: female self-sacrifice, male privilege, (textile) factory work, ambition, self-education, happiness.

[Pronunciation practice -- 'th' -- embedded in video]

About one very soft-spoken student's grappling with privilege.

Key words-phrases: work, aspirations, poverty

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This presenter describes her father's realization that housework and other aspects of family maintenance are not "naturally" women's sole responsibility.

Key words-phrases: housework, schedule, sharing, understanding, appreciation

This presenter talks about hard-working farmers and their husbands.

Key words: rice farming, manual labor, modernization, "women's work,' appreciation

This student takes a critical look at the politics of housework. What, she asks, is the difference between "helping with" and "sharing" housework?

Key words: housework, 'ryosai kembo' ('good wife and wise mother'), fairness