Won't Be Dyed from Tamarahco Hen Productions on Vimeo.

The presenter looks at the disappearing 'ka fu ni so maru' tradition (of "adopting one's spouse's family ways") and concludes -- provocatively -- that no one should interfere with or attempt to control relationships between married individuals.

Key words-phrases: marriage, 'ai zo me' (things dyed indigo blue), 'ka fu ni so maru' (follow one's spouse's ways), patrimony, patriarchy, 'muko yoshi' (adopted bridegroom), 'yome' (bride), 'kacho' (male head of family), domestic violence.

Do You Know Yourself? from Tamarahco Hen Productions on Vimeo.

This presenter explains why he is proud to be his mother's son.

Key words-phrases: teen motherhood, teen marriage, marital infidelity, gambling, domestic violence, child abuse, appreciation.

About the presenter's Grandmother's impossibly complicated family tree.

Key words-phrases: Japan, geneology, male line, primogeniture

About the sacrifices of the presenter's "Overseas Chinese" grandfather.

Key words-phrases: War-induced poverty, China, Indonesia, education, overseas Chinese (Kakyo), "It's a Wonderful Life" (1946 movie)

This presenter reveals the startling reasons why her father so thoroughly "cherishes family time."

Key words-phrases: family, 'choonan' (eldest son), 'honke' (head family), infidelity, freeloading, 'jugyou-sankan' (open house), filial duty, "natural"